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What Do Dr. Phil and Africa Have in Common?

Even though Dr. Phil doesn't know it...yet...he and Africa are featured in my Animal Tales book series.


I love Dr. Phil's wisdom almost as much as I love Africa. So when creating these books for 7-10 year olds, it made sense to put the two together. But wait - what makes me qualified to write this series? I've taught for 31 years (from kindergarten to postgraduate) in the UK, Kuwait (Middle East), Zambia (Africa), Brunei (Borneo), and the US. My BA, MA, and PhD have straddled Psychology, Education, Educational Psychology, and Special Education.

 So what...I hear you ask. Great question! I've finally decided to follow my heart and create high-interest, controlled-level chapter books for the children I've loved teaching. All 'controlled-level' means is that every child will successfully read these books if he or she has a good grasp of phonics and decent grasp of sight words (such as 'through' and 'because' that can't be sounded out phonetically).

 To further help children succeed in life, Dr. Phil's 10 life strategies are taught. The first book (The Journey Begins) is an introduction to all the characters and to why the animals want to help the main character, Jake. In the second book (The Okapi's Tale), children are taught that they choose whether or not to 'get it' in life. In the third book (The Lion's Tale), children are taught the importance of starring in their own show.

 The rest of the books are in progress. Please download the FREE copy of Book 1, The Journey Begins, from the top right hand side of this page. And please stumble or share this blog if you think any of your family or friends would be interested in these books. There will be more about Animal Tales next week. Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly-scheduled posts.


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